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Pack Mfg. Mushroom Production Equipment

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Pack Mfg. Mushroom Cultivation Equipment

One of the fastest growing trends in food production is mushroom cultivation. The Pack Manufacturing Company is very excited to be working with some of the biggest names in mycological production. Mushroom cultivation requires a stricter adherence to sanitation and sterilization than typical plant production.  

Pack Mfg. Mushroom Cultivation Equipment ranges from composting, mixers, and bagging equipment for beginning operations to fully automated conveyor systems for your production needs increase. Pack Mfg. can provide equipment for any process, from composting and media production to spawning, casing, inoculation, and cultivation.

We have watched our mushroom farmers grow from small batch growers as farmer’s market vendors into huge distributors for both the food and medical industries. 

Pack Mfg Bagging Equipment

The Pack Manufacturing model is to build value and savings for our customers by providing equipment that meets the customer’s needs. Pack Manufacturing can custom build any automated process you need and we can modify our equipment to fit in with your operations. Our goal is to make your Pack Mfg. equipment purchase the best investment you make for your business. Increasing production speed, reducing labor needs, eliminating waste, creating new streams of revenue, reducing expenses, and opening new opportunities are all ways Pack Mfg. can work for you. We want to create even more value for your business with our line of Pack Mfg. Mushroom Cultivation Equipment!

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Pack Mfg Mini Bagger

Pack Mfg. Mini Bagger

The Pack Manufacturing Mini Bagger is ideal for bagging media into small containers. The Pack Mfg. Mini Bagger will perfectly fill the same volume time after time. Simply place your bag under the funneled output and a press of the foot-switch controls the pneumatic actuator to fill the bag. The innovative design allows for all types of media to be processed with ease, including gravel, volcanic rock, and finer materials such as sand or vermiculite. Pack Mfg. can customize your Mini Bagger to perfectly compliment your processes and your media. Whether you are filling grow media, volcanic rock, or grow bags- the Pack Mfg. Mini Bagger will exponentially increase your production with an absolute minimum in labor, all while ensuring a consistent product. The Pack Mini Bagger standard hopper is 1/2 cubic yard (13.5 cubic ft), but hopper sizes and outputs are easily customized to fit your needs. 

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Pack Mfg Soil Bagger

Volumetric Bagger

For operations where bagged media is a keystone, the Pack Manufacturing Volumetric Bagger is the perfect solution. The Pack Mfg. Volumetric Bagger allows you to fill bags of any size. Numerous options, such as the hot air bag bag sealer and trimmer, will drastically reduce the amount of manual labor involved in bagging your media. The innovative design will produce a uniformly filled bag every time. The operator simply places a bag around the quick-clamp bag chute and steps on the foot pedal to open the bag and fill it with soil or other media. A digital display allows for various bag sizes to be stored in memory for easy recall and versatility. Bags can be sealed with a manual wire tie or the optional automatic hot air sealer/ trimmer. For customers already using Pack Mfg Mixers, incorporating the Pack Mfg. Volumetric Bagger into your operations allows you to create a new line of cash flow by selling your custom mixes by the bag.

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Pack Mfg. Mushroom Mixer and Bagger

Mushroom Mixer and Bagger

Pack Mfg. Mushroom Cultivation Equipment all began with the Pack Manufacturing One Yard Pneumatic Mixer and Bagger for Mushroom Media. The One Cubic Yard (27 cubic feet) Mixer is designed to quickly blend ingredients for potting soil, fertilizer, compost, or other grow media, and the bagging equipment allows you to quickly fill bags or other containers with your mixed media. This multi-function machine was the collaboration between Pack Manufacturing and some of the biggest names in mushroom cultivation. Although we have specialized equipment for both mixing and bag filling, the space savings from the smaller size and the economy of purchasing a single machine that serves two purposes makes this a great piece for any small to medium sized mushroom cultivation operation. The foot switch controls to activate the easy-fill chute and custom dump chutes come standard on the Pack Manufacturing Mushroom Mixer and Bagger, and we have custom options to ensure our equipment is built to do every task you need it to. The Pack Manufacturing Mushroom Bagger can be built into any mixer frame from a Half Cubic Yard up to a Four Cubic Yard option. Larger mixer sizes can be available for custom, high volume applications. 

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Pack Mfg. Compost Mixer


Compost Mixers

Pack Manufacturing Compost Mixers are the next evolution of the Pack Mfg. Batch Mixer- built specifically for the Pack Mfg. Mushroom Cultivation Equipment Line. Built with the same rugged dependability, solid steel construction, and direct drive power transmissions, the Pack Mfg. Pack Mfg. Compost Mixers have all the same options and additional features available on the Batch Mixer line. Integrated output conveyors, bagging units, watering options, and other advanced features, such as a touchscreen control are all available. Mixers can be built to sizes ranging from a Half Cubic Yard up to Four Cubic Yards. Larger mixers are available for custom applications. 

Pack Mfg Batch Mixer Line

Batch Mixers

The Pack Mfg. Mushroom Cultivation Equipment line wouldn’t be complete without the original Pack Manufacturing Batch Mixers. These machines are built to last, require absolute minimal maintenance, and are extremely easy to operate. The ribbon blender channels material from the hopper sides through the center, resulting in quick, even blending and easy material removal through the central discharge hatch. The direct-drive power transmission is more efficient than any other option on the market- completely eliminating the maintenance problems of chains and sprockets. Pack Mfg. Combo Batch Mixers have the option of an integrated incline out feed conveyor that has a direct drive gear-reduced motor for feeding directly into a conveyor system or other production line for immediate use. The Pack Combo Mixer incline conveyor can be folded when not in use. Pack Manufacturing Batch Mixers offer a wide range of customized options and attachments to fit with any mixing operation. As with any piece of Pack Mfg. mushroom cultivation equipment, if your operation has a special need or requirement, we will be happy to build it. 

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Pack Mfg 1 yd Mixer

1/2 Yard Batch Mixer

For customized small batches, beginners, and hobbyists, nothing beats the Pack Mfg. 1/2 yard Batch Mixer. All Pack Manufacturing Batch Mixers, no matter the size, are built from solid steel, with sealed bearings and direct drive transmissions. Stainless steel options and liners are also available.

The Pack Manufacturing Half Yard Batch Mixer offers extreme power in a compact size. The solid steel ribbon blender mixes an entire batch into a uniform consistency in as little as 3 – 5 minutes. Typically the Half Cubic Yard (13.5 cubic ft.) Mixer is used for smaller custom grow media, potting soil blends, or for hand filling/ potting operations. Each batch will provide enough potting soil or grow media to pot 40 three-gallon containers. 

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Pack Mfg 1/2 Yard Mixer

1/2 Yard Batch Mixer Combo

For customized small batches, beginners, and hobbyists, nothing beats the Pack Mfg. 1/2 yard Batch Mixer, except maybe the Pack Mfg. 1/2 Yard Batch Mixer Combo! All Pack Manufacturing Batch Mixers, no matter the size, are built from solid steel, with sealed bearings and direct drive transmissions. Stainless steel options and liners are also available.

The Pack Manufacturing Half Yard Batch Mixer Combo offers all the performance and capability of the standard batch mixer, with the addition of a five feet long unloading conveyor. Transfer your custom mixed potting soil or grow media directly into any other hopper, production line, or potting machine. The solid steel ribbon blender mixes an entire batch 1/2 cubic yard (13.5 cu. ft.) into a uniform consistency in as little as three minutes.

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Pack Mfg 1 yd Mixer

1 Yard Batch Mixer

With the Pack Manufacturing Company’s 1 Cubic Yard Batch Mixer, you can easily create enough growing media for eighty (80) 3-gallon pots in just a few minutes. The powerful, maintenance free design works well with the optional feed-out conveyor to keep potting and tray filling lines running at a great pace. 

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Pack Mfg 2yd Batch Mixer

2 Yard Batch Mixer

The Pack Manufacturing Company’s 2 Cubic Yard Batch Mixer follows in the footsteps of previous versions, allowing for a much greater volume to be blended in the same short time span. The 2 Cubic Yard Batch Mixer can produce enough grow media for an impressive 160 3-gallon pots with each mix! 

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Pack Mfg 3 Yard Mixer

3 Yard Batch Mixer

For the high-volume nursery and greenhouse grower. The Pack Manufacturing Company’s Three Yard Batch Mixer can deliver enough media to run many automated potting and filling tasks at moderate speeds, producing enough growing media to fill 100 1-gallon pots every minute in an automated process. The total volume (an impressive 81 cubic feet) is enough grow media to fill 250 3-gallon containers with each batch. This machine will completely blend all ingredients in under five minutes- far faster than can be achieved by hand or inferior equipment.

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Pack Manufacturing has a full line of Batch Mixers and Inline Mixers you can view by clicking here. Our Standard Mixers also feature 4 Cubic Yard, 6 Cubic Yard, 8 Cubic Yard and larger mixer sizes if needed. 


Pack Mfg Stainless Steel Water Chamber

Water Chambers

Pack Manufacturing also offers an extensive line of watering solutions. Water is an important element in any growing operation. Watering tunnels can be added to any Pack Manufacturing mushroom cultivation equipment or production line.  With this additional enclosed conveyor system, you can implement watering processes into growing media, filled bags, baskets, trays, or any other containers. Sub-irrigation models are also available for immersing containers or media. 

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It has been our sincere pleasure to serve the mushroom farming community with the Pack Mfg. Mushroom Cultivation Equipment Line. We appreciate each and every customer and friend who has supported us along the way. We have enjoyed watching the tremendous growth, and We hope to serve the mushroom growing industry for generations to come. 


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