Pack Mfg Flat Filling Equipment

Whether filling liner or seed trays or large pots, the Pack Mfg Flat Filling equipment line provides the absolute gold standard in efficiency and speed. Each piece of Pack Mfg flat filling equipment is optimized to remove the bottlenecks in productivity and create new efficiencies in production. All Pack Mfg Filling Equipment is designed to operate with the absolute minimum maintenance. Pack Mfg Flat Filling Equipment will allow you to maximize your production with a minimum amount of labor. 

As with any successful business, growing is often associated with growing pains, like costs for upgrades and extra labor. The Pack Mfg equipment line allows you to invest your money where you will see the fastest return. Every process you can efficiently automate allows you to save money by performing that process better, faster, and with less labor involved.



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Pack Mfg Flat Filling Equipment is dependable, rugged, and operates with minimum maintenance. Our filling equipment is versatile enough to meet any filling need, and we can customize your equipment to fit whatever needs your operation has. 


The decision to upgrade is often a hard one, but just consider how quickly the savings on labor and materials will add up, not to mention the permanent increase in production capabilities. Being able to produce vastly more plants a day means your operation can make more money in the same amount of time. Reducing the amount of labor involved means that those same plants now cost less to produce. We have diligently worked to ensure each piece of Pack Mfg Flat Filling Equipment will help your business see the fastest possible ROI. 



Pack Mfg PM10C Flat Filler


The Pack Mfg PM10C Filling System is designed to provide growers with a compact and versatile solution to filling multiple types of containers, including nursery pots, hanging baskets, and plant/ plug trays. The Pack Mfg PM10C includes a variable speed soil filling conveyor, fully adjustable compacting sweepers and a rotating rotary brush to remove excess media from the containers. Excess soil is returned to the lower hopper in the soil return chute system. The PM10C is ideal for operations with limited space of beginning operations on a tight budget. The Pack Manufacturing PM10C has a 12″ wide belt and allows use of the brush to a maximum of 6″ tall. Perfect for filling trays and small pots.  

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Pack Mfg PM110ST Flat Filler


The Pack Mfg PM110SD Standard Filling System is the primary unit for large scale growers. The PM110 series is designed to provide growers with a versatile, high-speed solution to uniformly filling multiple types of containers, including nursery pots, hanging baskets, plant and plug trays. The PM110ST model includes a variable speed filling conveyor, fully adjustable compacting sweepers, and a rotary brush. Excess soil is collected by the slide chute system and returned to the filling supply.

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The Pack Mfg PM110SD Deluxe Filling System is the most advanced model in the PM110 series, offering the fully adjustable compacting sweeper and rotary brush, along with a compacting soil vibrator. Along with the variable speed on the filling conveyor, the Deluxe model features an adjustable speed control on the conveyor and a master speed control for maximum versatility. Easy mobility is provided by locking casters, and the  has been improved with a powered transfer. The upgraded soil return system incorporates a horizontal auger to return grow media to the hopper for continued use. The PM110 series has the large 18″ wide conveyor belt.

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Pack Mfg PM1100 Filler

PM1100 Filler

The Pack Mfg PM1100 is a highly customizable machine, capable of adapting to multiple roles. The PM1100 Filling System is designed to provide growers with a versatile, compact, high speed and uniform solution to filling multiple types of containers, including nursery pots, hanging baskets, plant and plug trays. This equipment includes variable speed controlled soil hopper and filling conveyor. The Pack Manufacturing PM1100 also features a fully adjustable soil agitator, compact roller and rotary brush. Excess soil is collected as the containers are passed across a powered transfer, and all excess is returned to the hopper via the horizontal and vertical auger system to virtually eliminate wasted grow media. 

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PM20 Mixer and Flat Filler

The newest member of the Pack Mfg Flat Filling Equipment line is here! The Pack Mfg PM20 Mixer and Flat Filler is the economical solution for any small or new grow operation. Without automated equipment, a nursery is forced to depend upon expensive labor. Deciding which equipment to purchase and which to do without is a challenge. Pack Manufacturing just made the decision a lot easier with the combination PM20 Mixer and Filling Machine. Growing media or potting soil is mixed in the integrated 1 cubic yard hopper under the safety-switch equipped, clear polycarbonate hood. The mixed media feeds directly from the hopper to the pot or tray filling line via the auger soil return system. Any excess potting media is safely recycled right back into the hopper for reuse with no waste. To ensure each container is uniformly filled, the Pack Mfg. PM20 is equipped with an adjustable rotary brush and pot sweeper, along with an extended 15-inch wide filling conveyor, roller take-offs, and variable speed controls. All this capability packed into one compact, mobile machine makes the Pack Mfg. PM20 Mixer and Flat Filler the easy investment choice for growers on a budget. 

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Pack Manufacturing Premium Pot and Tray Filling Equipment

PM510 Premium Automatic Pot & Tray Filling Machine

The Pack Manufacturing Premium PM510 Pot & Tray Filler is the luxury option for production container growing operations. Every aspect of the machine has been fine-tuned to cut costs and increase your production. The Pack Mfg. PM510 is a compact filler with a 1.6 cubic yard hopper, compacting vibrator, variable speed filling conveyor, variable speed heavy drag chain soil feed, and auger soil return to capture unused media. Aside from this impressive list of features, the PM510 also hosts an automatic height adjusting rotary brush and automatic compacting pot sweep – all on a small mobile frame. Touchscreen controls allow for easy, intuitive operation and allows for automatic setups between different containers in LESS THAN 30 SECONDS! The Pack Manufacturing PM510 comes standard with 20 different setup configurations. Each configuration will store conveyor speed, soil delivery speed, compacting sweep height, and rotary brush height. Setup configurations can be adjusted on the fly from the touchscreen controls. The Pack Manufacturing PM510 is the highly efficient and cost-effective solution to container grown plant production. The PM510 allows you to pot more plants in less time with a minimum amount of labor. Also, with the Single-Button setup, laborers only require a minimum amount of training to operate the equipment. As always, Pack Manufacturing is happy to accommodate any special needs your operation has. Plenty of custom options are available to build your equipment to meet your business needs. 

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